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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Criminal Investigations Amendment Bill

The purpose of the bill is to allow Police wide powers to collect DNA from persons before being charged or convicted, such as

matching DNA profiles against samples from unsolved scenes of crime. Is this a threat to our democracy or a much needed tool to protect us all from criminals? Closing date for submissions to the Select Committee is 6th April 2009.


Rusty Kane said...

Criminals and prisioners of our society have no equal access to power and secondly all prisioners and crimanals enjoy no universally recognized freedoms and liberties that the rest of us have.Democracy in which power is held directly or indirectly by free citizens. For prisioners and our crimanals that rigth to free citizens democracy was taken away when they committed their crime against a free society, Therefore lost their freedom and rights to democracy.

Therefore giving powers to police to collect DNA from citizens before being charged. Is a threat to democracy.. After they have been charged it is not.

Its time we stopped being so PC on crime.

I got a lot of flack when standing as the New Plymouth Independent in the local election for my comment on crime that we should contract our hardcore prisoners overseas.. instead of building more prisons here in New Zealand. Because I believed it is a privilege to live in New Zealand and these criminals lost that privilege and right when they were found guilty of committed their crime. My reasoning is this... one less prison saves the New Zealand taxpayer $150m plus in construction costs. Each inmate costs around $60,000 a year to maintain. More than most New Zealanders earn in a year working. This money would be better spent by contracting our hardcore prisoners out to other counties. Who would welcome the foreign exchange and economic opportunities looking after our prisoners would provide to their own local economies. The plus for us would be financial savings to the taxpayer. As a lot of overseas countries could contract for far less than $60,000 per annum per inmate with the same level of care. And our New Zealand citizens would have piece of mind knowing these undesirables weren't even in New Zealand or able to roam our streets on early parole. This would also be a major deterrent to medium security prisoners thinking of a live of crime in New Zealand. The hardcore prisoners themselves that had served their time would have to still be rehabilitated and would stay on parole for the rest of their lives. A constant reminder to them that crime truly does not pay here in New Zealand. If they mucked up again they would know were they would end up if they again abused that privilege, and no second chances of release. This hard line approach of understanding what a privilege it is to live in New Zealand to these hardcore criminals would save millions of taxpayers dollars keep our streets save from hardcore criminals and make would be criminals think twice before they think of committing any crime let alone a serious crime. Because what hurts the most for a prisoner is having no contact with family and friends while incarcerated. So the deterrent and the need not to commit another crime would be strong. This does not mean family friends and their lawyers can't visit, it just means at their own expense not the taxpayers.

Now thats my kind of Democracy.
Just in case you were wondering.
I'm not a member of the Better Democracy Party.. I'm a member of the Peoples Choice Party.

Steve Baron said...

Better Democracy NZ is not a political party Rusty. Never has been and never will be. We are a lobby group who simply wish to create a better democracy for New Zealand.

Rusty Kane said...

Sorry I sametimes get you confused with the Direct Democracy Party. there is and have been so many parties with similar names over the years

Real Democracy Movement

Democratic Party

Christian Democrats

Democratic Labour Party

Social Democratic Party

Democrat Party

New Democratic Party

I keep thinking you are a party yourself.. or at least an off shoot of one of them.. Its good that you have put me straight.. That you are lobby group with a simple wish to create a better Democracy for New Zealand. I'm all for that as no New Zealand political party with a similar name has ever achieved it.

Steve Baron said...

If this helps Police to catch and convict criminals then I think it's a blody good idea. I say take DNA from everyone who was born in NZ or immigrated here. If you don't do anything bad then you don't have anything to worry about. As simple as that. Will be interesting to see if this helps lower the crime rate. Probably not but we will catch a few more I'm sure.

Rumpole said...

Don't agree with taking DNA globally or on being charged as this is wide open to abuse and with the evidence coming out of the Bain re trial indicating Police supressed changed expert opinion a far greater level of trust/integrity & accountability of Police is required before this would be a safe system but no problem on conviction.

Steve Baron said...

Society is being abused by criminals who get away with murder in some cases. I'm sure the occassional person who might get unfairly treated makes it still worth the risk of introducing this new system. Unfairness happens under the current system. If you aren't guilty then 99.99% of the time you don't have anything to worry about but society has a lot to gain.