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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Should referendums be binding?

The NZ Herald is running a Readers' Poll half way down the main page asking: "Should referendum results be binding on the Government?" Click here link text to register your vote.


Rumpole said...

By ignoring every referendum result to date and announcing the same treatment for the current one politicians are telling the voters they know best and even if they don't the electors can Foxtrot Oscar off. If constant pressure over say six months fails to get a committment to binding referenda then the time is nigh for a new party that will.

Steve Baron said...

Rumpole you can always join NZ First, Democrats for Social Credit or the Direct Democracy Parties who all support binding referendums. As for starting a new party to campaign on a single issue, this has never been successful in NZ.

Anonymous said...

Sure referendums should be binding. But before anyone looks at that perhaps a system should be set in place to ensure that the referendums are fairly worded and that rules are set in place for advertising around referendums. The current system clearly allows more bias in than a US federal election.

Oh and another step in the right direction might be to make royal commission findings binding, or in the very least make them trigger a referendum.

National certainly is doing a reasonable job in pointing out all the flaws in out current semi-democratic system.

Steve Baron said...

Yes indeed, the rules around referendums would have to be overhauled if they were to be binding, and more than just the wording.

As for Royal Commission findings to be binding or trigger a referendum... well that just isn't practical. Have you ever read one anonymous? They are very complex and cover a multitude of recommendations.

Rusty Kane said...

What and I only got five vote for saying so in the Mt Albert by-election.

Well I got one success..

Rusty Kane, winner of the most ironically named party…

Ironic in that “The Peoples Choice Party it is surly not! the Peoples Choice. And the name Rusty Kane is ironic... In that Rusty he is not.. He was claimed to be the most awesomely named candidate. Who didn't know he had five family members living in Mt Albert.

Rusty Kane, winner of the most ironically named party…and most awesomely named candidate.

Now thats a headline none of the other candidates could aspire to or achieve.