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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

PM against binding referenda plan

The public would demand more spending but pay less tax under binding referenda, Prime Minister John Key says...

NZPA | Monday November 23 2009 - 10:01am

Saturday's "March for Democracy" of up to 4000 people in Auckland called for the Government to implement the outcomes of referenda.

Protesters said the government had failed to respond to citizen initiated referenda on reducing the number of MPs, a more victim-centred justice system and amending the anti-smacking legislation.

Protesters also demanded the smacking law be changed so that a light smack would not be a criminal offence.

Mr Key said his position on the anti-smacking legislation had not changed; the law was working but he would react if that changed.

He said the wider idea of requiring the Government to implement referenda was unworkable, and had failed in California.

"California has that and that's why they're broke. People only vote for spending increases and they don't vote for tax cuts," he said on TVNZ's Breakfast programme.

"If you apply ACC to that everyone would sign up and say no levy increases a few years down the track we'd have a system that was completely broken."

Auckland businessman Colin Craig, who funded the march, said more marches may be held if the Government refused to engage.

"We are willing to take this campaign through to the General Election in 2011, if that is what is required," Mr Craig said.



Steve Baron said...

John Key is ignorant of the facts. He is wrong when he suggests that people are selfish and would demand more spending but pay less tax under binding referenda. Anyone who has taken the time to read studies on the subject would know history has already proven him wrong. Neither is Calfornia in financial difficulty because of referendums. Take the time and read these university studies then decide for yourself.

Direct Democracy Works by Professor John Matsusaka

Have Voter Initiatives Paralyzed the California Budget? by Professor John Matsusaka

How does Key then explain why Switzerland has done so well economically, and they are the most prolific users of referendums in the world?

Anonymous said...

Without doubt Key either wrote the recent NZ Herald article or is parroting it - why - because they both know the BCIR reduces their power. Key will not listen so the only effective way forward is a direct challenge - The Democracy party with a manifesto commitment to BCIR - even if such a party does not get enough support to force such change in a coalition the issue will become hot in the election campaign.

glow-worm said...

I heard those comments the other day, and I was furious!!.

Steve, I don't think he is being ignorant, I think knew exactly what he was saying. He is trying to instil fear in the citizens and he simply thinks that NZ is ignorant and too stupid to realise he is tell "big porkies". Well John Key, we aren't that stupid. I am an average kiwi and I too am on to you!

And that is exactly right, it works great in Switzerland. I'm sure if the government were that concerned they could write the legislation to ensure we werent able to "cap tax increases" etc. After all they seem to be able to amend all sorts of other legislation to suit their personal agendas.

Then again this isn't the first time he has blatantly lied to the public.

Dominic Baron said...

I find it odd that this person, John Key, considers himself to be the "leader" of our Nation. A more shallow and ignorant fellow could scarcely be imagined. He has shown very plainly that he has nothing but contempt for the people of New Zealand. This is not someone to be taken seriously. I certainly don't.

Anonymous said...

Not only have you to talk about it, you need to do something.
You need a new party who will enact the will of the people and amend the constitution to provide for CIR and Recall.
The Government is the administrator and manager and the people are the employer of them.
The employer must direct their employees.
Remember that the people have the numbers, they only need somewhere to put their numbers.