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Monday, 5 December 2011

Petition to Stop Asset Sales by the National Government

Here's another Kiwi that thinks there should be a binding referendum on asset sales. If we had the Veto referendum as they do in Switzerland, there would be no worry about governments doing things the majority does not want to have. click here

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes the “TRUTH” can be spun out so much that it is no longer able to be seen …so

Crown proceeding with “Money Laundering”

I was wondering if there are others that are concerned about the “Laundering” of the Public’s Interests in their Investments in this Nations Infrastructure (both National and Regional)?

No I am not talking about Corporations, I am referring to the Infrastructure from which the Corporations derive an income.

The Public Invested in Infrastructure (not Business Enterprises) and up until the Business Lobby took over Government (1984) those Investments were held under the “Stewardship” (not Ownership) of Ministries- 1984 comes along and by “Hobsons Choice” the Public’s Interests in the various properties were systematically concealed and transferred to become the Property of Corporations in which the “Public” have no Legal Interest.

[The Crimes Act 1961 Section 243 Money Laundering defines that which is considered to be a Crime and Section 408 refers to this Act shall Bind upon the Crown]

And now they want to sell us shares in the laundry?