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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Auckland as a super city with a Lord Mayor?

Who knows what is going to come out of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance? We could end up with a city

of 1.4 million people from Pukekohe to Wellsford with a Lord Mayor. What would you like to see happens and do we let the Lord Mayor and Council run the show without the checks and balance of binding referendums?


maxim said...

Lord John or Lord Bob,. Good Lord, Steve whats next?

Hey I think it is time for Tiny Tim to come back north, he would do it justice and add a twist of humour to the mix.

The concept of referenda (or um) depending on which side of the bed you get up on) is really the only way to ensure a true democracy. However, the general Joe public is not really interested as long as the beer keeps flowing and the All Blacks keep winning there are no real issues are there!! Maybe when the fish stop biting a few will start to ask questions.

To empower the masses requires that they desire this situation (and that they wake up) and this is exactly why the situation will get worse as the banksters seek to take us all to the cleaners; maybe we wake up when they start the next spin cycle as this one we are in seems to have eclipsed the discernment power of the average Joe citizen.

I for one am glad to have left the super city as it will only get more hectic more impersonal and chaotic and more of a site for the activities of the wounded dog tribe as the top down control heirarchy becomes more elite and distant from the man or woman in the street

One day Luigi they will wake up and smell the coffee and discover an ongoing co-creation empowered by awakened caring and sharing sovereign individuals. Just a dream I hear them say but I have seen the future and it is a wonderful space and place of peace and plenty.

Blessed Be the Family of Human (kind??).

Steve Baron said...

Although we New Zealanders may be a lethargic and apathetic bunch, I think most have just decided that there is very little they (as one person) can do. Most aren't even aware there is a proven system used in Switzeralnd and many USA States called Binding Referendums that could be used here in New Zealand. That's why all we can really do is just keep talking to people and keep pointing out there is a better way of doing things and that they can make a difference. That time will come but only when critical mass is reached.