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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Is NZ First dead and gone?

Reports of the NZ First meeting on Saturday 14th Feb were all about "where to now and what can be done better". Evidently it was

"a great atmosphere and a real togetherness with very little grumpiness". However the media were a little miffed when they were not allowed to attend the meeting. There were over 100 NZ First members from all over New Zealand who attended. The vote was 100% to keep the party going.

But can Winston and NZ First really come back from the political graveyard, or are they forever to dream of the baubles of office?

From a personal standpoint I was extremely disappointed that the Party did not continue the push for Binding Referendums which were a Party policy. They seemed to drop it like a hot potatoe, somewhat like the public dropped them. Perhaps if they had kept promoting their Binding Referendum policy they may have reached the 5% threshold. They certainly weren't far from it.

But most disappointing for me was that they never even put forward a Private Members Bill on Binding Referendums as they told me month after month that they were going to do. They let all their Binding Referendum supporters down and they did little toward a better democracy for New Zealand. They talked the talk but they didn't walk the walk.

What's your opinion on their future?

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Steve Baron said...

My June 2007 conversations with NZ First Deputy Leader Peter Brown. You decide for yourselves which of us were right?

Dear Peter

Is the NZ First party all talk? Do they run with the hares and hunt with the hounds? Can voters trust them?

If we can then why are we still waiting for NZ First to put forward a Private Members Bill to introduce BCIR? After all it is your party policy. Perhaps those full page adverts in major newspapers were just for show?

Steve Baron
Better Democracy NZ

Dear Steve

Thanks for your email. A member's bill involves (believe it or not) a lot of work and with a bill covering BCIR I do mean a lot. Work takes time and that soon runs out when there are also other complex matters to attend to.

Nevertheless, we are nearly there. I have a draft of a BCIR bill on my desk at this very moment. I am one of a small team now charged with checking it thoroughly. We will do that independently when each of us has a quietish moment (without interruptions) to attend to the task.

So the bill is on the way. It will be in one of my colleagues name and in the ballot in the near future.

So there is no need for insults - just bide your time. We intend to stick to our guns and keep our word.


Peter Brown MP
Deputy Leader & Whip
Phone: (04)470-6697
Fax: (04)499-9108