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Friday, 13 February 2009

Money, Banking and the Reserve Bank

Most people have no idea what the Reserve Bank does or how money actually works. This video explains the history of money.

It is based on the Federal Reserve in the USA but is still applicable in NZ.


biggles62 said...

Ha! The solution is easier said than done, but essential because this is at the root of 'All' the worlds' financial (& many other) issues. The international bankers & their central/reserve banks have been raping the people & governments of practically the entire world for more than 2 centuries! This needs to be stopped ASAP, not just by one country but by all (or most) of the countries of the world. What's needed is a worldwide decree to return the control of the worlds' wealth to the people of the world where it rightfully belongs before we slip down the economic plughole! So who will kick it off? Don't count on any help from America, they are too far down the slide & gathered too much momentum to stop in time. They are doomed! The rest need to act before it happens to them (includes us)!

Steve Baron said...

Perhaps the banks have just committed suicide in their greed for even greater wealth? Most of the worlds largest banks are on the edge of a precipice. Although the banks are needs for an economy to function, they are no more important than power companies or roading companies. The trouble is that through fractional banking they can and do create money out of nothing. If a power or roading company did this it would be called counterfeiting and the Directors would be in jail.