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Monday, 30 March 2009

Auckland Royal Commission

The long awaited report was produced last Friday and referenda managed one mention although one gets the feeling that

it would only be in an advisory capacity and therefore not worth the time and effort to participate. What does everyone think of the new proposals?

5.42 Ubiquitous computing and online systems for decision making have the potential
to make democracy far more participatory, both nationally and locally. The beginnings of this can be seen in cities such as Seattle where their website encourages email contact with councillors, provides tips for making e-requests, has council blogs and online public records disclosure.35 In the United States, an interactive internet system called the “Citizens’ Briefing Book” was set up for 12 months by the 2008 transition team for the new Democratic administration. American citizens were urged to log onto and give us your idea. It can be about energy, healthcare, or reduction of our dependence on foreign oil. You decide what is important to you. Other citizens will then be able to read your ideas and make comments and suggestions.36

5.43 In a similar way, monthly internet referenda could involve residents in key decisions about their city and region. The Millennium Project expects that there will be a global move to “ubiquitous computing with collective intelligence for just-in-time knowledge to inform decisions”.37 Landcare Research sees a future move to participatory and devolved democracy, which is complicated but nonetheless productive.38

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Steve Baron said...

Is everyone just as happy as a sandboy to have a new structure as proposed then just forget what happens for the three years inbetween election? Sounds like you are all easy to please?