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Veto, Citizens' Initiated and Recall referendum.


Monday, 20 April 2009

Letter to Editor & MPs

We now have the Government and Auckland Mayors bitterly arguing over what they consider to be the democratic way to run

the new Auckland supercity. This argument is nothing more than two packs of hyena arguing over the carcass of democracy. Democracy can mean many things to different people. The word conjures up a feel good factor whenever it is used. Because of that it runs the risk of meaning nothing at all. For some, simply voting once every three years and having no say in what happens inbetween, is considered democracy. Unless the people of Auckland demand more control over their politicians, through the use of Binding Referendums, it makes no difference how the carcass is devoured. The ultimate insult to democracy is that the people of Auckland do not get to make the final decision via referendum on this constitutional type change. Our elected representatives should be ashamed of themselves for calling this democracy. This process of centralising power will not stop in Auckland. Wellington is also on the agenda and where will it spread to next? Wanganui & Palmerston North amalgamating, or perhaps Napier & Hastings, Hamilton & Waipa or Invercargill & Dunedin?

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