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Our mission is to foster the improvement of New Zealand's democratic system and encourage the use of direct democracy through the

Veto, Citizens' Initiated and Recall referendum.


Monday, 6 April 2009

Nearly one million received in donations!

To all of you who have made a donation I would like to personaly thank you. Here's what we plan to spend the million on...

Well actually it's a long way from a million, but it's getting pretty close to one thousand dolars though! We don't have any specific plans to spend anything at present, our expenses are almost zero so everything donated will have an impact in some way. I'm hoping that if people keep making regular donations like I do myself on a weekly basis, by the time the next election comes around we may have a fighting fund to run some sort of promotion to raise the awareness of binding referendums as a way to get a better democracy. Thank you for your donation.

The last time we raised some money we put out three hundred signs throughout the North Island. Have a look at the previous post to see them.

1 comment:

John said...

Keep up the good work Steve. I will be making a regular $20 per week donation.