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Monday, 4 May 2009

Face of Parliament changing

First it was Helen Clarke now Michael Cullen. What do you think the legacy of these two prominent politicians will be and how would you rate their performance?

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Rusty Kane said...

Helens comming legacy will be New Zealand can take more refuges, New Zealand can send more troops to help bolster UN forces, and of couse New Zealand can spend more money on foreign aid. Cullen's will be higher priced postage stamps... They are both rats leaving a sinking ship... Leaving Goff and Labour adrift to lose the Mt Albert by-election hopefully to enable a new Labour Party to start afresh and rebuild its future survival. Talking about the Mt Abert by-election. Hard line Labour supporters won’t fell comfortable with Shearer, their roots are to entrenched in working class values to vote Green. So a new independent neutral peoples choice political advocate like me could be well placed to take enough of the hardcore Mt Albert Labour supporters with me. Along with Russel Norman and his Greens going for a good chunk of the fluffy Labour vote. The moderate Labour voters that remain may not hold enough votes to hold out National. And that would be the end of Labours old guard Goff, King, and Co. Making a clearway for a new invigorated new Labour line up. That will be Micheal and Helen's legacy. Thats my dream.