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Monday, 29 June 2009

Poll results

"Should referendums be binding on the government?"


Dominic Baron said...

Hmm, is this the "poll" that was carried out to "prove" that we, the people, do not want to hold the referendum that well over 300,000 of us signed up to have?

Heh!Heh! This is really the pits! A carefully guided opinion poll of some 4500 people is paraded as a "reason" to destroy one of the few crumbs of real democracy that the political élite have thrown us!

Steve Baron said...

This poll was "Should referendums be binding on the government?".

Anonymous said...

are donations tax deductible? If not it would be helpful?
BTW, last time I read anything in papers on the matter, virtually all politician including left & right didn't want a bar of binding referenda....interesting how quickly democracy can disappear as a favourite! Even Janette Fitzsimmons was rather dismissive.

Steve Baron said...

Donations are not tax deductible as we are not a charity.