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Monday, 27 July 2009

I have a question...

In your opinion, what would be the worst decisions past governments have made in New Zealand? For example, was sending troops to Vietnam a major blunder by our elected representatives? I would like to use some of these in my next book I am currently researching.


Anonymous said...

The single most damaging ongoing decision taken in this country has been one largely unquestioned for many years. It allows that our families are torn apart and community peace and harmony is constantly disturbed. (Listen to Paul Holmes)

To leave the control of distibution and supply of the "ILLEGAL CONSCIOUSNESS ALTERING SUBSTANCES" in the hands of the underworld and the police is stupidity beyond belief.

That these substances (both naturally occuring and man made or refined) remain in the hands of the criminal underworld (through legal definition) only creates vast profit for the Criminals; and increasing misery for the masses.

Best advise has been offered for many years now BUT ignored whilst the War over drugs goes on.

Only through removing the profit or potential for profit can we see these substances in the clear light and identify any redeeming social or individual qualities they may indeed have.

The continued defining of these powerful substances as illegal will only serve to perpetuate the Hide and Seek game and ensure that in this small country alone there are billions of untaceable dollars to inspire acts of bravado and stupidity amongst the UNDERBELLY of SOCIETY

Making these substances legal will not remove or prevent any of the damages they do when influencing a sick or dysfunctional psyche; BUT it will remove the criminal profit and allow that a sick individual could ask for help without the need to hide their Dis - Ease within the public arena.

It is time for an intelligent reconsideration of the way we have all agreed to co-created this social disgrace.

Anonymous said...

What about the think big projects of the Muldoon era. Weren't they a waste of money?

Dominic Baron said...

I first came to NZ in June 1978. I reckoned myself to be a very lucky chappie to be here and relaxed. Then came the 1984 election and I started noticing the ease with which governments could impose quite outrageous policies that truly damaged the foundations. The powers available to the régime of the day were untrammelled.
Sure, the Muldoon régime had made use of these abusive powers in the economic sphere and I could now appreciate how some of those "Think Big" projects had a megalomaniac air to them!
But the Lange régime, and its successors, of whatever party, now extended their megalomania to all facets of our national existence, without fear of any constitutional hindrance because there wasn't any!

I can list a collection of policies imposed upon us since 1984that properly deserved to have been decided by the people of NZ.

In no particular order:
1. Human rights legislation
2. NZ membership of the ANZUS pact
3. Visits of nuclear-powered ships to NZ ports.
4. Section 59 of the Crimes Act
5. Health reforms
6. The amalgamation of small local councils into larger ones.
7. Labour laws
8. Minimum age for a driving license.
9. Minimum age for consuming alcohol.
10.Decriminalisation of cannabis use.
11.Abolition of physical punishments in schools.
12.Public holiday entitlements
13.The Kyoto Protocol
14.Genetic Engineering
15.Nuclear power

And so on.

The key decision then, that has prevented the people of NZ from determining what their laws shoud be, is one that has *not* yet been taken:

To grant ourselves our very first democratic constitution.

Until we achieve that we shall have to continue enduring bad decisions, all of them made so much worse by the fact that *we*, The People of New Zealand, simply *do not own them*.