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Veto, Citizens' Initiated and Recall referendum.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Our new billboard campaign

Do you like our new billboards in Auckland and Wellington?

"Trust us. We know what is best for you"


Dominic Baron said...

Great billboards, Steve! We could add plenty more to that rogues gallery.
Which makes me think to list some of the issues of the past which, in a democracy, ought to have been decided by the people in binding referendums but weren't.

In no particular order:

Some national ones:
1. Human rights legislation
2. NZ membership of the ANZUS pact
3. Visits of nuclear-powered ships to NZ ports
4. Section 59 of the Crimes Act
5. Health reforms
6. The amalgamation of small local councils into larger ones
7. Compulsory superannuation schemes
8. Minimum age for a driving license
9. Minimum age for consuming alcohol
10. Decriminalisation of cannabis
11. Abolition of physical punishments in schools
12. Public holiday entitlements
13. The Kyoto Protocol
14. Genetic Engineering
15. Nuclear power

And a few sample local issues from our two largest cities:
1. The Britomart development
2. Ratepayer finance for minority parades
3. Public transport development
1. Sale of ratepayers’ assets
2. Extension of urban motorway
3. Waterfront development

Anyone care to add more to this list?

Anonymous said...

Sending troops to Vietnam, or any other war for that matter. Removing the right to appeal to the Privvy Council.

Billy Mckee said...

I would like to see a referendum on Regulating the Medicinal use of cannabis.
Billy Mckee.

Steve Baron said...

That doesn't surprise me Billy. I saw you on protesting TV recently! lol