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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Campaign For Democracy Update # 6

This update comes to you from day two of the Southern Field Days in Gore. We are having a great response to the petition with about 7 out 10 of

those being asked to sign the petition agreeing to do so. Just on 1000 signatures in the first two days!

On Friday Barbara and I will return to Dunedin to collect at the Farmers Market and other venues of the weekend.

Until you actually spend some time out collecting it will be hard to comprehend fully how New Zealanders feel about the rejection of the Referendum last year. To be sure some are skeptical about whether another referendum will be listened to, but the vast majority are prepared to give it a go. Knowing that it will almost certainly be held at the election in 2011, they can understand that the referendum will apply considerable pressure on all political parties to address the current lack of any proper check and balance to restrain the potential abuse of executive power in NZ.

Next Tuesday, 16 Feb, we will be back in Auckland to hold a press conference as we officially begin the road trip to promote the Campaign4Democracy (location and exact time to be announced shortly). Join us if you are able.

We will then drive to Napier for a week of events surrounding the Art Deco Festival.

Then up to Kataia for the A&P show and down to Dargaville March 4-6 for the Northern Field Days. Tentatively it will then be activity around Auckland until we head to Palmerston North and Fielding for the Field Days there Mar 18-20. (All suggestions for locations to visit welcome)

If you can help at any of these events, or perhaps arrange any meetings for us along the way, please get in touch. I am keen to stop for a few days in Whangarei while in the north.

Attached to this email is a pdf of the signs we are using to advertise the petition. You can order some from us or take this pdf to your local sign producer.

Till next time,

Warm regards,

Larry Baldock


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