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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Baldock: On the road 4 Democracy

Update #7: Larry Baldock On the Road 4 Democracy

800 signatures collected at the Art Deco weekend in Napier. Thanks for your help Harold and Cynthia Manning, Stephen Jenkinson and Alan Frame. Also thanks to Bruce and Julie Collingwood for your hospitality.

Helensville A & P show 400 signatures collected thanks to Graham Braddock for helping and Tim and Sharon Forlong for your hospitality.

Dargaville Field Days 1000 signatures. Unfortunately the last day of the show was rained out at 11.30 after we had already collected 200 signatures in the first couple of hours.

Kaitaia 50 signatures in just one hour on Monday morning in the main Street.
We decided to go all the way to Cape Reinga Sunday afternoon to collect a few signatures at the top of the country. See photo evidence

Later in the year we will do the same at Bluff, possibly even Stewart Island as suggested by Kevin Kerr in a recent email. (see below)
Your comments!

Hi Larry, 
great to see you & your wife on the road for democracy! I have downloaded the petition forms for this campaign as I did for the last petition on the repeal of the Anti smacking bill. I think I collected roughly 300 to 400 hundred signatures for that one on my own & should easily surpass that this time as I am more determined than ever that we have democracy in this wonderful country of ours. Time to get our A's into G and do something about it.
Maybe next time you’re down for the southern Field days you might come to Bluff and perhaps Stewart Island, it would be great to meet you & your wife.


Oh for a few hundred people as determined as Kevin and the job will be half done.

Barbara and I are meeting many on the road who are very keen to see this referendum succeed and the database is growing. The only disappointment is the news from home that our mailbox is not full. Many thanks this time though to John Kilford who sent in 100 signatures recently.

If you haven’t begun collecting already, could I ask you to begin by trying to get at least one page of signatures completed this week from family, friends and workmates and post them in.
By next week I expect we will have collected more than 5000. If we had just one page from most of you we could see that figure treble very quickly. Petition forms are on the website to download.

Over the next week I will post on the website some answers to the frequently asked questions we get (FAQs). It will also include answers to some of the objections that are often given about binding referenda.
For those who wish to do some further reading you will find some interesting articles at the Better Democracy website run by Steve Baron


Larry & Barbara Baldock.


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Anonymous said...

Great effort, the call for BCIR is spreading throughout the western world but without an actual voice in Parliament I fear the MPs will block/ignore/Obfuscate and pretty well nullify any effective result so a political party is required,. If you can get 10% of the electorate to sign for the petition will not those same people also support a party committed to BCIR?