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Our mission is to foster the improvement of New Zealand's democratic system and encourage the use of direct democracy through the

Veto, Citizens' Initiated and Recall referendum.


Monday, 9 July 2012

I give up! I'm going fishing and travelling. We battle for years on the important issue of binding referendums and real democracy, struggling to publicity and exposure for a worthy cause, yet some woman who wants a biscuit for her husband makes the front page of a major newspaper and has 1500 'like' on Facebook in next to no time. I guess biscuits are more important than democracy to New Zealanders. Thank you to those of you who have helped over the years and contributed. Cheers, Steve.


Miles said...

hi Steve
Over the years, many people write and write and write about important issues. Some even write to the papers. I have observed all that activity realising that it makes very little headway. There are think-tanks all over the world doing the same thing. I have similarly been tempted to write but resisted. I believe that like any product it must be marketed to the audience. That means setting up a marketing chain that has an incentive to go and sell. That is the key. In due course, I want to set up an organisation partly comprising all the nz think-tanks to assist with the research to feed to sales people. So please keep going.

Beef-Hooked said...

Good onya Steve, kudos for the site, the trick is to be able to do both. I simply stopped buying chocolate biscuits, thus I could afford to retire to a beach in 1988