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Our mission is to foster the improvement of New Zealand's democratic system and encourage the use of direct democracy through the

Veto, Citizens' Initiated and Recall referendum.


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ian Andrews has kindly agreed to take over our blog and Facebook page so I can concentrate on other issues. Ian is an extremely intelligent and interesting bloke who often comes up with a different perspective. I hope you will all support him by participating and commenting on issues more important than chocolate biscuits.


Marie said...

Mr Steve Baron has tried to remind us all that we DO LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY.......BUT WE DONT SEEM TO APPRECIATE IT......... look at the troubles in the Middle East people desperate for DEMOCRACY...THEY WOULD SURELY PARTICIPATE IN REFERENDA on any subject if only they had the CHANCE...LETS get behind Steve Baron and support DEMOCRACY AND THE RIGHT OF ALL OF US CITIZENS OF AOTEAROA TO HAVE OUR SAY ON THE IMPORTANT ISSUES.........our precious assets built up over generations for the benefit of us our children and granchildren and future generaitons to come........LET US HAVE OUR SAY ...our elected public representatives and servants.......we are entitled to it.............we will support Mr Steve Baron and hope he comes back to battle another day soon...we need him and lots of people like him.,

Ian said...

I endorse those accolades for Steve . I'll be moderating for a while , so PLEASE give me something to moderate !

Lance Donald said...

Greetings Ian - I have just stumbled across the blog site and I would like to wish you all the best for the future of this vital debate .
I suggest that anyone who is really interested in seeing Binding Referenda adopted in NZ should join up and support both the Better Democracy group and the NZ Conservative Party - the only party that is fully committed to the concept as a fundamental and non negotiable core policy.