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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Three strikes proposal: Good for our democracy?

I'd be interested to hear what you all have to say about the proposed three strikes law. Would it be good or bad for NZ? Are you for or against it and why? Should we have bring back the death penalty?


Anonymous said...

I think the 3 strikes proposal is a positive one. Bringing back the death penalty for serial rapists and murderers wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Rusty Kane said...

Il'd be happier with 3 stricks and your out off the country altogether.. plus stripped of your New Zealand citizenship.. That in itself would be like the death penalty for most.. Only if..

Steve Baron said...

But the trouble is Rusty that if you have a criminal conviction then no other country will let you fly there. You would have to swim!

Rusty Kane said...

Yes Steve that was a pretty big IF.. Maybe having our own Foreign Legion would help.. Anyway 3 strikes (not stricks) and your out.. would be good for minor crime.. nip it in the bud hopefully.. but theres still the problem of prison space and where do we put them.. I can only see more costs in building more prisons etc.. I agree with Anonymous view on serial rapists and murderers.. but then again there would have to be no doubt.. besides our PC system want allow it.. So I say contract out our serial rapists and murderers to overseas prisons and for our minor crims 3 strikes and you will be sent to the New Zealand Foreign Legion. A service unit of misfits that work for the NZ services core..

two beach - half moon said...

I think the three strikes idea is a feel good idea only.
In my mind it would be better if the courts handed down appropriate sentences first. Also a persons past criminal record should not only be relevant and admissible in court it should be required!

Steve Baron said...

Classic Example For Three Strikes

Wednesday, 29 April 2009, 1:21 pm
Press Release: ACT New Zealand

Classic Example For Three Strikes

David Garrett MP, ACT New Zealand
Wednesday, April 29 2009

Nigel Whakarau is a classic example of the type of offender ACT's 'Three Strikes' Bill - now part of the Government's Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill - seeks to put away, ACT New Zealand Law & Order spokesman David Garrett said today.

"Whakarau pleaded guilty to assaulting kidnapping and robbing a female real estate agent who managed to escape after struggling, while Whakarau attempted to bundle her bound and gagged into the boot of his car," Mr Garrett said.

"Whakarau's known criminal history is grim reading, commencing with an invasion of an elderly couple's home using weapons in 1988. Only eight months ago he was released from what is described as a 'lengthy' jail term for the home invasion and kidnapping of a businessman in 1996.

"Under ACT's original 'Three Strikes' his latest convictions would constitute a third 'strike' and he would without a doubt be sentenced to life with a minimum non parole period of 25 years when he comes up for sentence in June.

"As things stand, the sentence Whakarau receives will depend on which Judge he gets - a realist or one who believes in endless chances - and how good Whakarau's lawyer is on the day.

"Whether this thug would receive a 25 to life sentence under National's current version of the 'Three Strikes' legislation is unknown, because we don't know how long his previous sentences were.

"This case neatly illustrates the need to remove the current hurdle of two five year prison sentences before a 25 year to life sentence can be handed down for a third 'Strike' offence. God only knows what would have happened to his latest victim had she not escaped from him. The only certainty is that it would not have been good. The only place for continual re-offenders like Whakarau is prison for 25 years," said Mr Garrett.