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Thursday, 23 April 2009

How to post comments on blog

A simple 4 step process to publish your comments on the blog for all to see and comment on.

If you subscribe to the email facility you get all the posts from the blog emailed to you. If you want to comment on one you click on the title and it takes you to a web page on our blog. If you don't subscribe then you have to go directly to the blog and look at all the posts. Either way makes no difference.

Following is how to post a comment.

1. At the bottom of every POST there is a link to "Post a comment". Click on this link and it will take you to another page like this... You can then type your comment.

2. Under the message there is a WORD VERIFICATION process. Enter the letters exactly as they are shown (this stops spam).

3. Under that there are 4 radio buttons. You can click on Anonymous or on the Name/URL radio button. Once you click on the Name/URL button a box comes up where you can put in your name and the other box is for a website address if you want to use it. Then click PUBLISH YOUR COMMENTS.

If you are already a registered Google blogger you may also use this username and password which is simpler each time. If not then don't worry about it, just do as explained up above.

Once you have done it a couple of times it's pretty simple. Your comments will not appear on the blog instantly because I moderate it so we don't get people being abusive etc. Also I may not be around to accept your comment post. Usually they appear the same day.

Please do comment on the blog. It makes for more interesting reading and debate.

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