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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Note to Rodney Hide

Here is a note I recently sent to the Minister of Local Government after a speech he made.

"Secondly, I want greater transparency and accountability in local government". Does this mean you will be including binding referendums in the final legislation if you truly believe and mean what you say Rodney?

"While the Local Government Act 2002 emphasises the need for transparency and accountability in local government, in practice few new mechanisms have been introduced to apply those principles". Yes! How true is that!

Someone has to be brave enough to give the people a say Rodney, will it be you?

Best wishes

Steve Baron
Better Democracy NZ


Maxim said...

Did you get an answer from the pit bull?

Or is this more of the same ol' same ol'. Great retoric and now it is legislated there will be a super city and of course in the grand traditions of our great democracy, it has been put in place as the result of a ROYAL COMMISSION and Government decree. Wot about you and me do we get a say and would it matter anyway?

I am a foundation member of the 'sad but glad to be human' club. No one has been paying their membership fees so I guess that not many others have time to consider the tragic waste of human talent that goes on as a result of the massive energies devoted to keeping us all feeling less than worthy. Therefore having no meaningful input to the community's sense of direction, obviously we could become volunteers and do good that way, asking powerful questions merely finds one branded as a trouble maker.

I see a whole lot of trouble coming down the line even though these well meaning individuals think they have the answer.

We all co-create reality together and when one is disempowered or ignored it impacts the whole of the body corporate at a subtle unconscious (mostly)level.

Steve Baron said...

Apart from acknowledging my letter I am yet to receive a response.