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Friday, 17 July 2009

Radio Live interview

To listen to my Radio Live interview with Maggie Barry click here link text and then select Jun 17, 2009 16.45. It's about 7 minutes into this section and you can fast forward.

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Dominic Baron said...

I listened to your interview with Maggie Barry. You did well to get across some essential points! To me she comes across as the typical flippant "media-show" personality: shallow, and rather ignorant or perhaps just being obtuse. Anyway, you got the message across about referendums really having to be binding, otherwise what's the point?!
Mind you, I don't think the question is at all ambiguous... except for lawyers whose business relies on it. As I've said before and say again, the vast majority of us ordinary folk see it like this:

As a good parent, do you consider smacking your child is:

A) a criminal action? Then vote “YES”;
B) not a criminal action? Then vote “NO”;
C) not sure or can’t be bothered? Then don’t vote.

Simple, really.