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Friday, 26 February 2010

Press Council complaint withdrwan

Following is my letter to the Press Council withdrawing my formal complaint about my perceived bias NZ Herald reporting.

NZ Press Council

Dear Mary

I have received the information package you forwarded to me from the NZ Herald. Thank you for that.

I have studied it at great length and although some of what the Deputy Editor has had to say is incorrect, there was indeed a number of articles I had not been aware when I made my study. Most of these articles were in fact supportive of the smacking referendum. Although the altered figures still show a very slight bias by the NZ Herald, I believe it also shows a far more balanced coverage than initially thought.

I would point out that my omissions were genuine. It was not my intention to be bias nor to support my beliefs, in fact I did not cast a vote in the referendum and indeed think that it may possibly be a good thing that this Bill was introduced.

Taking all this into consideration, I would therefore like to withdraw my complaint and apologise for the time wasted by all parties.

Best wishes

Steve Baron
Better Democracy NZ

1 comment:

Dominic Baron said...

An intriguing turn of events!

As usual, in such remarkable reversals, "there are more quesions than answers"...

I'm sorry to learn that you did *not* vote in the referendum last year. Whatever you may now think of the legislation to amend Section 59 is naturally your choice, but for someone who has striven hard to raise the democratic consciousness of the people of New Zealand to *not* to take part in a referendum at all is disappointing, to say the least.

Of course, if you could not make up your mind, or you found the question unsatisfactory, then your abstention is understandable.

I do hope you'll be able to take part in the next referendum!