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Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Zealand Prime Ministers

Here's an interesting Youtube video portraying every Prime Minister we have had. Who was the best and why?


Dominic Baron said...

I truly don't know. Should I care? I don't have much time for "leaders", they are the antithesis of democracy.

Steve Baron said...

While I understand where you are coming from Dominic I still feel that it is part of our history and these were very prominent people of their day. What fascinated me was that I had never heard of half of them. But then again at 48 I am just a baby. While the public might look to a Prime Minister as a leader, some better than others, that doesn't mean they have all the answers and are always right.

Anonymous said...

Helen Clark has clearly been the best Prime Minister of the current generation. her command on policy detail was amazing and regardless of your views on Labour Politics, as Paul Holmes put it, she was a very very good Prime Minister.

Steve Baron said...

Personally I think Helen Clarke has been the most successful. I liked David Lange the best because of his humour but I never voted for either of them!