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Veto, Citizens' Initiated and Recall referendum.


Sunday, 8 February 2009

I couldn't have said it better myself

Congratulations Mark Breetvelt for this video and for making an effort to persue a Better Democracy for New Zealand.

Have a look at this video and hear what Mark has to say. I think he has expressed the thoughts of many New Zealanders, myself included.


Dominic Baron said...

Brilliant. Mark, simply brilliant! Many thanks for doing this. You have my full support.

Dominic Baron.

Anonymous said...

I was born and grew up in Switzerland, the only country in which BINDING Citizens' Initiated Referendums are being held on a regular basis (several times a year and each time on several topics). While some other countries also have provision for BCIR, among them the USA (or certain states of the USA?) and Australia, I think it is fair to say that apart from Switzerland, most if not all so-called democracies are to a greater or lesser extent sham democracies, as they either have no referendum, or else CIR, that is NON-BINDING referendum.

In New Zealand, CIR was hurriedly introduced to defuse a growing demand for BCIR by disgruntled citizens who had to watch helplessly as their state assets were being sold off by corrupt politicians. By giving us the Mickey Mouse version, politicians were able to prevent us from having a REAL say in the running of the country's affairs.
Even the Swiss system, as good as it is in theory, is far from perfect. In the pursuit of its own agenda (or rather, that of internationalists, commercial interests and secret societies), the Swiss government sometimes uses huge amounts of tax-payer money to sway voters to achieve a desired outcome.

Many years ago, Switzerland e.g. rejected membership with the United Nations; more recently, this decision was reversed after the government used massive propaganda in favour of joining the UN, thereby managing to achieve a referendum majority.

To the dismay of their government, the Swiss refused membership with the European Union a few years ago. If the Swiss had joined this thoroughly undemocratic institution (watch the documentary 'The Real Face of the European Union'which can be downloaded from the internet), they would have lost BCIR, along with their right for self-determination.

In some countries, citizens were given a choice to join the EU by holding a referendum, while the governments of e.g. Germany and England agreed to EU membership/slavery without giving their citizens a say. In Germany, ex-politician Weizsacker commented on TV that decisions of this magnitude could not be left in the hands of ordinary people, but must be made by the elite (!). I think he meant that ordinary people are not to be allowed to interfere with the psychopathic elite's herished New World Order, that is the way in which they want to shape the world for their own benefit.

From our point of view, leaving such far-reaching decisions, bound to affect generations to come in the hands of politicians, is not only unwise, but downright dangerous. Many politicians don't act with the best interest of those who elected them at heart. Their allegiance is instead to corporations who line their pockets and/or political parties or secret societies they are members of and are consequently influenced by. In the 20th century e.g,bankers and industrialists involved the world in 2 world wars via polticians under their control. Millions died. Leaving such concentration of power and decision-making in the hands of untrustworthy politicians is obviously very unhealthy.

Referendum, as imperfect a tool it is, seems the best way to provide the sort of balance of power between governments and citizens which may safeguard us at least to some degree and which may prevent the abuse of the power derived from the people by inept and/or corrupt politicians.

Our success or falure to introduce BCIR is likely to greatly influence not only our future, but also that of yet unborn generations. Our success in obtaining BCIR, or our failure to do so may well determine whether they will be born into a state of relative freedom, or the kind of slavery the psychopaths who run the show are planning for us.