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Friday, 6 February 2009

The struggle for democracy in Russia is harsh.

We take for granted our open society, whilst still criticizing its lack of democracy. But let us spare a thought for those courageous people who pay with their lives for daring to strive to open their societies.

Please follow this link to current edition of The Economist for an obituary on the slain 25-year-old reporter for Novaya Gazeta : Anastasia Baburova:

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Steve Baron said...

Thank you for bringing a sense of reality to the blog Dominic! lol I have often contemplated my efforts for a better democracy when things aren't really all that bad in little old New Zealand. Especially when I talk to Russian and Chinese friends. Some of the stories they have told me are just unbelievable. But in saying all that... as good as things are here... they can always be better and we should strive for that unless we accept mediocrity!