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Veto, Citizens' Initiated and Recall referendum.


Monday, 6 July 2009

Our submission rejected

The submission we sent to the Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill committee has been returned saying it does not address the matters raised in the bill. Here is my response to the Clerk of the committee.

Paul Weakley
Clerk of Committee
Commerce Committee
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives

RE: Your letter dated 1 July 2009

As per our telephone discussion on Monday 6th July 2009, we wish to object to the Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill committee refusing to accept the submission of Better Democracy NZ.

You mention in your letter that our submission does not address the matters raised in the bill. Perhaps this is because the bill has overlooked the most important aspect of a democracy, that being the right of voters to call a referendum when they think it is appropriate. Not to consider our submission is the height of arrogance and appalling.

As the employees of New Zealanders, we demand our submission be considered by the committee. We feel totally insulted and expect an apology for returning our submission.

Steve Baron
Better Democracy NZ



Rumpole said...

Whilst I agree with your response our elected MPs are clearly choosing to ignore anything they do not agree with so the main issue is how we persuade/force them to listen. Political oblivion they understand and I see no way of achieving this within the current party system of elected dictatorship so a new party of independents is perhaps the way to go - The Democratic Independent Party - time to form and organise before the next election if we act this year???

Dominic Baron said...

Rumpole, I think the problem lies deeper than anything that mere political parties can handle. A name like "The Democratic Independent Party" does not suggest to me anything radical. I would propose, quite seriously, creating a party with the name:
"The Contempt For Parliament Party" to show clearly that we mean to "undercatch" (as opposed to "overthrow") the usurpation of the people's sovereignty!

Dominic Baron said...

Thinking further on my earlier comment I realise that we don't need another "Party". Creating democracy is *not* a party political matter, it stands completely above and outside political parties. Their function is simply to push their ideas for society irrespective of whether or not democracy exists.
No, what we need is a movement that steadily grows and eventually overwhelms the existing antiquated and corrupt political structures. Such a movement would be single-minded in its aim, namely: To grant ourselves our first democratic constitution.
What should we call this movement?

Steve Baron said...

But what is "democracy"?

Steve Baron said...

Dear Steve

The committee has considered your request and has agreed to accept your submission.

Paul Weakley
Clerk of Committee
Commerce Committee
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
Tel: 04 817 9536
Fax: 04 473 0127