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Monday, 10 September 2012

Empower the people, says AU Senator Bob Katter. Bring on recall elections, and Citizen Initiated Referenda

 Bob Katter has been the Federal Member for Kennedy since 1993, following a highly successful 18 year career in Queensland State politics where he held four Ministerial positions. Formerly a National but now an Independent, he enjoys the freedom to vote in line with his conscience and the feelings and needs of the people of the electorate. He strongly objects to the free market policies endorsed by the major parties. He believes these have had a devastating effect on his electorate and on Australia as a whole.
He is the leader of Katter's Australian Party (aka The Australian Party), a new party which that his core values and principles and which received nearly 300,000 votes in the 2012 election. An application for the federal registration of the party is pending.

In this interview with Professor David Flint, he discusses direct democracy as in Switzerland and some North American jurisdictions where the people can recall governments and enact legislation by Ctizen Initiated Referenda. (CIR)

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Unknown said...

I like Switzerland's legislation by citizen initiated referenda. It is really giving citizens political power. I also like the ongoing drive to have a referendum on an unconditional basic income for all Swiss.