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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Letter to The Dominion - Monday, 22 June 1961

The Editor


Sir,--Many thinking people support the recommendation by a general committee of the Constitutional Society in Wellington a few months ago for inclusion in a written con-stitution for New Zealand of a system of initiative and recall similar to that operat-ing in Switzerland.  This would enable a specified number of electors to bring to the notice of Parliament the need for any special legislation or delay the pas-sage of legislation to which objection was taken; also by the power of recall the elec-tors could recall a Parlia-mentary representative who did not honour his election pledge or whose actions were contrary to the interests of his constituents.
The evident decline in prestige of Parliament during recent years in New Zealand may have resulted from the fact that domination by cau-cus destroys a sense of re-sponsibility on both sides of the House.  Politicians are aware that with a politically lazy-minded people, such as we are, the old Roman tech-nique of government in pro-viding “bread and circuses” for the masses ensure the givers popular support.--I am, etc.,

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