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Friday, 20 November 2009

The dinosaur roars again!

Yet again the dinosaur we call the NZ herald has lambasted binding referendums in their latest Editorial piece click here.

They simply don't seem to be interested in playing fair by allowing Better Democracy NZ to air our views on the matter in an opinion piece. I have sent them a number of articles for publication only to be totally ignored. Their reporting over the smacking referendum was totally biased to say the least (I did a media study project on it) and they are making a concerted effort to rubbish binding referendums and the March for Democracy this weekend.

They are a desperate newspaper that know their days are numbered. They know people are turning away from their paper in droves and the only way they have managed to keep circulation up is by bribing subscribers to part with their money with special deals just too good to turn down, virtually giving the paper away for free. That tricks advertisers in to paying up.

What irks the NZ Herald the most is that they know their totally biased attempt to sway the smacking referendum had very little, if any, effect. They failed dismally given a massive 87.4% still voted “no”. But what would voters know anyway? We certainly aren't as intelligent as the editorial staff at the NZ Herald are we?!

I suggest a concerted effort by supporters with letters to the editor ( is warranted, even if it will probably be a waste of time.


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Rusty Kane said...

When will the New Zealand voters realise when they vote, they are not voting for democracy they are voting for elected dictatorships. If it be for central government or local council bodies, the people have very little say.