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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Rudman/NZ Herald attack democracy

Here's a pathetic attempt by Brian Rudman of the NZ Herald click here to rubbish binding referendums and The March this Saturday. Just another

elitist in my opinion, who would never trust the collective wisdom of his fellow citizens. The trouble is he doesn't even get his facts right. It was representative democracy in Switzerland that refused to given women the vote until 1971. They finally received it thanks to a binding referendum. There are similar examples in America where elected representatives did likewise and it was only state wide binding referendums that gave women the vote.

Well Mr Rudman, your article was full of emotional language and false arguments against binding referendums. Along with Sir Geoffrey Palmer, you are a relic from the past and simply do not believe citizens are intelligent or informed enough to make sensible decisions that directly effect their lives. Although you would never admit that would you! Times are changing Mr Rudman, citizens are far more informed, far better educated than ever before in history and we are now starting to assert our power, People Power. You will see this power in action come Saturday the 21st of December with The March up Queen Street to protest yet another ignored referendum. Momentum is building for binding referendums. The people are tired of being ignored by arrogant, elitist politicians completely out of touch with the majority of New Zealanders.



Shane Pleasance said...

I was disappointed, and then dumbfounded by the article. This is mainstream media at its lowest common denominator, and I am surprised that the author had time to raise his cud grazing gaze to put finger to keyboard.

I do not, and have never smacked my children. I have two children I am confident will be vibrant positive responsible citizens.

It was precisely the outrageous move right into my home by government with the anti-smacking bill which raised my ire to take action.

If they were allowed to pass that law - what would they do next?

New Zealand is succeeding where Russia could not.

Anonymous said...

What Rudd realizes is that referenda will diminish his power to influence as do politicians which is why they oppose binding referenda - apart from mass assassination of politicians an elected party with a mandate to legislate them is the only realistic way of achieving. The other thing understood by media and politicians is that the Internet is allowing the wagons to circle the indians and they rightly guess that when the canvas is raised the gatling guns will be pointed at them, what they have failed to realize is that a referenda either shares the responsibility for a decision or passes it to the voters thus relieving them of some/all responsibility. It is also democracy actually working - anathema to socialists and feared by conservatives but largely effectively benign as Switzerland demonstrates.